I don’t have time for this

By Nickie Sabo, CCA President

It’s the first week of June and I’m attending the CCA Institute in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Back at the AMPI office in Minnesota, my computer monitor is covered with sticky notes and there is no room left on the Communications Projects white board. At home, my daughter is wrapping her brain around becoming a high schooler in the fall and my son leaves for a week-long camp on Tuesday…


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Member Spotlight

Call the babysitter

It’s probably not often that a babysitting job becomes the springboard to a communications career. But don’t tell Kelly Hester. It’s exactly how she landed her position as the communications and corporate events coordinator for Carroll EMC.
While on summer break from Berry College, Kelly cared for the children of the…

Member Spotlight

A Jack(ie) of all trades

When Jackie Muhlenkamp went to work for a farmer-owned cooperative following graduation from The Ohio State University, it was a relatively short leap. She had a good grasp on the workings of the industry thanks to a professed lifelong passion for agriculture and quickly earned a spot as…