Learn co-op storytelling in the Land of Lincoln

By Karen Jones, Co-chair, Professional Development Workshop

“Four score and seven years ago…” and “Get your kicks” are parts of iconic stories known around the world. Nearly all Americans recognize the six words spoken by President Abraham Lincoln, who was known to be a storyteller, writer and reader throughout his life. I should really be at home. I should really be at work! “I don’t have time for this,” my inner voice keeps repeating. And you can probably…


I don’t have time for this

By Nickie Sabo, CCA President

It’s the first week of June and I’m attending the CCA Institute in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Back at the AMPI office in Minnesota, my computer monitor is covered with sticky notes and there is no room left on the Communications Projects white board. At home, my daughter is wrapping her brain around becoming a high schooler in the fall and my son leaves for a week-long camp on Tuesday…

Make Sure You’re Getting CCA Email

Email Announcements

Add Important Email Addresses To Your Contacts To ensure you’re receiving the latest news and updates from CCA, we wanted to remind you to add several CCA email addresses to your contacts: The majority of email blasts regarding CCA events are sent from the business office, You may also receive emails from, or […]