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September 2017

The man from Montana

Storytelling is in Guy Gregory’s blood. Whether through electronic media, photos or the written word, the Eastern Montana native enjoys spinning a tale for others to enjoy. Even a stint in the armed services couldn’t change that.

After graduating from Black Hills State University with a degree in mass communication, Guy enlisted in the United States Air Force and served as a military broadcast journalist for Armed Forces Network (AFN). He covered military news and events for AFN while on tours in Germany and the Balkans.

The broadcasting continued when Guy returned home and worked as a TV news reporter and anchor. Now, as the communications specialist for the Montana Cooperative Development Center, Guy is putting his broadcast and multi-media experience to use while telling stories about the accomplishments of developing cooperatives.

Tell me about your job.
I am responsible for maintaining our website and Facebook page, writing press releases while maintaining a relationship with outside media, providing communications assistance for our developing co-ops, writing feature articles for outside publications and producing video features and documentaries for our organization.

What is your favorite duty?
My favorite part of the job is shooting video and on-camera interviews for our feature video productions. I enjoy meeting people from across the co-op world and learning something new about their businesses. Editing these video features is like weaving together a true story about various cooperatives.

How does your organization support cooperatives?
The Montana Cooperative Development Center exists to provide technical assistance to anyone across the state who wants to develop a new cooperative business or convert an existing business into a co-op. My mission as communications specialist is to get our message out to as many people as possible, especially millennials. We’re seeing an increase in engagement on both our social media and website from younger people interested in cooperative development and working for co-ops.

How does your participation in CCA help you in your job?
CCA has helped me to form professional relationships with other communicators throughout the nation. From what I’ve learned in attending two Institutes, I’ve been able to improve our various media productions.


Name: Montana Cooperative Development Center

Headquarters: Great Falls, Montana

Description: Develops and promotes cooperatives to meet the economic and community needs of rural Montana

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I love to take my camera on hiking adventures and take scenic shots. Before I started working for the Montana Cooperative Development Center, I would compile my photos into small stories and post them on my travel blog, “Exploring the Horizons,” at:

The three best things about living in Montana are:
wide-open scenic spaces, fresh air and lots of wildlife.

On what reality/game show would you be more likely to end up as a contestant?
“Let’s Make a Deal” and, knowing my luck, I’d probably get “zonked”!

My must-see TV:
“Days of Our Lives,” “That 70s Show” and “Friends.”