Ambassador Responsibilities

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Description of an Ambassador

An Ambassador is a liaison from the region to the CCA Business office. Each region should have two ambassadors.

Responsibilities as an Ambassador

  1. The Ambassadors will serve in this role for a minimum two-year term, with the option to serve more if they choose or until they feel they would like to turn over the responsibility to another volunteer in their region. Their main focus will be to engage in activities that help CCA recruit members and retain members in their regions. For example, they could assist in gathering prospect lists of non-members that CCA can use for membership recruitment and promotion of CCA activities.
  2. CCA will require that each region meet twice a year via phone or in person. They can choose to meet more often if the region agrees. The Ambassadors will serve on the Regional Council and will be expected to have one individual per region participate in the quarterly conference calls.
  3. There will be a liaison from the Ambassadors to the Board through the Regional Council liaison, and that liaison will prepare the Board report based on knowledge of regional activities from the quarterly conference calls. Ambassadors will not be expected to prepare written reports for the liaison or the Board.
  4. The Region of the Year is awarded at the CCA Institute and selected based on application entry. Each Region is encouraged to enter.
  5. Each region is expected to provide a Regional Basket that will be used in the Sullivan Fund Live Auction at the CCA Institute.
  6. Ambassadors are expected to copy the Board Liaison when communicating with their regions.
  7. Ambassadors are expected to contact each new member in their region, welcome them to CCA and serve as a resource to keep the member engaged and active in CCA.

Time Commitment

Time commitment for Ambassadors is 10-12 hours per year, but varies depending upon committee.