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Member Spotlight

One of those ‘Hill boys’

Ask Randy Hill a question — about anything, even something mundane. Then, sit back and prepare to listen because you’ll likely hear a good story. Maybe it’s his slow-paced, Southern-accented delivery. Perhaps, it’s the way he slightly leans in, as if to draw the listener into his confidence. More likely, however, it’s the twinkle in his eye that marks this man as a born storyteller. Randy is the…


Inspiring you to make the most out of CCA

By Chellie Phillips, CCA President

Like any good communicator, I was procrastinating by scrolling through various social media feeds. Along with the end of summer vacation pictures, the first day back-to-school pics and gender reveals, I was struck at how many motivational quotes people feel compelled to share. It seems we all need some inspiration. As communicators, we know how powerful words can be. They evoke emotion…