Anne Moore

Who are you?
Just a woman chasing her dreams to capture joy, beauty & love. I have many passions including travel, photography, dogs, kayaking and spending time with friends and family. My fiancé and I live a wonderful simple life with our dog Delilah in small town Wisconsin. I love working in the agricultural industry where I get to share farmers stories of sustainability.

How long have you worked with cooperatives?
I started at CHS Inc. in June 2013 – stayed with CHS for 8 years. September 2021, I moved to my current role as sustainability communications manager with Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative.

Describe your role.
Anne manages all communication efforts for Farmers for Sustainable Food (FSF) a sister non-profit to Edge Dairy Farmer Co-op. FSF is a collaborative, industry-supported effort to promote and support farmer-led solutions to today’s environmental challenges. It’s the only collaborative, non-profit organization that provides resources, advocacy, support and empowerment for farmers who are innovating and demonstrating sustainable farming practices during a time of increased interest in agriculture and food origins.

FSF works to support seven farmer-led watershed conservation groups in Wisconsin. Farmers across Wisconsin are voluntarily developing programs to aggressively raise the bar on environmental stewardship. These efforts are all about having clean, safe water and a thriving agricultural community together. Anne carefully crafts messages for these groups to use in media relations, advertising, social media, member communications and at events to keep all parties informed on the progress of the groups.

What do you enjoy about working with cooperatives?
I enjoy being a part of the cooperative system for the great collaboration it provides. When working for a co-op I feel we are all working together to create a bigger impact – where I work it is for environmental stewardship by farmers. I love the partnerships that grow from working in the cooperative system.

When did you join CCA? Why?
I joined CCA in 2016, after attending a few Cooperative Network conferences for communicators held in Wis. When I heard about CCA, I knew it was a place I would meet wonderful people that experience similar joys and challenges we face in our jobs as cooperative communicators.

Did anything surprise you about CCA upon joining?

I didn’t realize how diverse the group members would be. It’s wonderful learning from other cooperative leaders that are outside of agriculture. They share fresh ideas that we maybe haven’t tried yet in ag.

What are your hobbies and interests?
I am an amateur photographer in and outside of my day job. I enjoy taking family portraits. I also love kayaking and boating/fishing – really anything to do with water — lakes, streams, ocean. My dad and I enjoyed snowmobiling for 10 years together before he passed away, but I continue to ride in his memory. I also love to travel; my fiancé  and I try to take at least two trips a year to places we haven’t been. I am also a proud dog mom!

Do you have a “bucket list”? What are some of the things on that list?
I don’t really have a bucket list; I take most adventures that cross my path. I’ve traveled to seven countries: Ireland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Peru, Greece and Canada. I just updated my passport in 2020 and haven’t used it yet so I need get it stamped and continue traveling. I try to say yes to any opportunity or exciting challenge – last year for my birthday I went white water rafting and hope to do more of that all over the country.

Give us something about yourself that is surprising or that most people don’t know.
My first out of the USA trip was to Ireland when I was 12 years old; My fiancé and I have a 20-year age gap.

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