Communications Contest 2020

It’s time to heat things up!

Share how you Spice up Creativity in your work with the 2020 CCA Communications Contest. It’s time to submit your best examples of writing, photography, programs, projects and publications to the annual contest.

The CCA Communications Contest is one way you can expand your communication skills as well as demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. Outstanding communicators and their work will be recognized during the Communications Contest Awards Program in Buffalo, New York, at the annual CCA Institute in June. Working professionals will critique your entries and select winners in a blind judging process. Contest participants receive valuable feedback and benefit from the chance to view others’ work in an online “Winners Showcase” on the CCA website.

This year we have over 56 categories to choose from to submit your entries! Take advantage of seeing how your hard work heats up amongst your peers!


Final Deadline: February 7, 2020
All entries must be received by February 7, not postmarked by that date, and should be mailed to the address listed for category.

Return of Entries

CCA will only return entries if you include a prepaid shipping label with your entry.

Entry Forms

Please save files to your computer prior to inputting information. CCA has placed required fields into the forms to ensure all areas of the entry and payment forms are completed; saving first allows these fields to be utilized to help make the submission process more efficient.

  • Open the form on the Contest Web page by selecting “Download”.
  • If the file opens in your internet browser window, please click the save icon located in the rectangle task bar near the top of the form and save to your computer prior to inputting any data. (If you do not see a task bar, single click anywhere on the page and it should appear.)
  • Locate the file on your computer and the file will open to a fillable document.
  • Continue with completing the forms, if you have left any required fields blank, upon pressing print, a box will pop up and instruct you as to what is missing.

Fillable PDFs

Some browsers do not recognize fillable PDFs. To resolve this issue, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the form on the Contest Web page by selecting “Download.”
  2. Once the file opens in the browser, select “Download” from the top right corner.
  3. Locate the downloaded file on your computer, right click and select “Open With.”
  4. Select “Adobe Reader” and the file will open to a fillable document.
  5. You may wish to make this your default setting to ensure all PDFs open in Adobe instead of in your browser.

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