2022 Outstanding Leader Award

Anne Moore

Almost immediately after joining CCA, Anne Moore began to take every opportunity she could to give back to the organization. In 2021, she diligently served the Institute planning committee, never losing speed, even as she faced the personal tragedy of losing her father. In 2022, Anne stepped up to the plate once again, and handled publicity and group dinner planning for the Institute committee, and once again, didn’t miss a beat, despite transitioning into a new job at a new cooperative. After getting a couple Institute committees under her belt, Anne took another big step by running for CCA’s board in 2022. There’s just no stopping her!

Teri Ditsch

When you’ve been a CCA member as long as Teri Ditsch has, at a certain point, it’s easy to look at all you’ve contributed and feel as though you’ve done “enough.” But Teri is someone who believes in sharing her strengths, and that’s exactly what she did as co-chair of the 2022 Institute. Her ability to juggle her co-op’s responsibilities with the many needs of planning an event of this scale was nothing short of legendary. No hiccup, glitch or panicked phone call from Denise was enough to make Teri lose her cool, leaving us all to wonder where she hides her cape!

Recipients of the Outstanding Leader Award

  • 2022 – Anne Moore and Teri Ditsch
  • 2021 – Dori Lichty
  • 2019 – Jennie Lacey
  • 2018 – Donna Abernathy
  • 2017 – Amber Sheridan
  • 2016 – Rebecca Shobe
  • 2015 – Lisa Moorhouse
  • 2014 – Nicole Carlson
  • 2013 – Mark Bagby
  • 2012 – Nancy Jorgensen
  • 2011 – Steve Jacobs
  • 2010 – Lynette Alcorn
  • 2009 – Sarah Dorman
  • 2008 – Terry Mullen
  • 2007 – Tammy Simmons
  • 2006 – Greg Brooks

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