Who should join CCA?

Anyone involved with communications activities for cooperatives should be a CCA member. Though we’re not limited to any job titles, the types of communicators included in our membership are writers, editors, photographers, communications managers, Web designers, graphic artists, videographers, social media specialists, public relations representatives, freelancers, meeting planners, marketing specialists, and much more. If you consider your work communications, we’d love to have you as a member!

I don’t work for a cooperative. Can I join CCA?

Yes! CCA membership is open to “all professional and student communicators involved and/or interested in cooperatives.” If you are connected to cooperative communications in any way, as a freelancer, contract worker, contributor, student intern, or otherwise, then you can become a CCA member.

Are there different types of membership?

Yes – CCA offers an Individual Membership as well as an Organization Membership with tier pricing based on the number of members.

What if I want to change my membership type from Individual to Organization?

To make a change on membership type, contact the office by email: cca@communicators.coop for assistance to update the records on file.

How much is the membership fee?

Individual membership fee:

  • Individual member: $215.00

Organization membership fees:

  • 2 members: $420.00
  • 3 members = $605.00
  • 4 members = $795.00
  • Small (5-10 members) = $1,650.00
  • Medium (11-19 members) = $2,750.00
  • Large (20+) = $3,850.00

What are the most popular CCA activities?

No doubt, the annual CCA Institute, usually held each June, and the annual CCA Communications Contest are the two activities that get the most involvement and participation. The Institute is always a valuable learning and networking experience for co-op communicators, while the contest allows members to benchmark their work against their peers and receive feedback from expert judges. But CCA offers a number of other benefits and advantages beyond these two events, including regular Webinars and workshops, monthly newsletters, and endless opportunities to connect to fellow cooperative communicators.