I drank the co-op Kool-Aid with a splash of CCA

By Chellie Phillips, CCA President

When I began my career in the cooperative world over 20 years ago, I never imagined I’d be penning a column as your CCA president. CCA has been part of my journey since my early days way back in 1996. I drank the co-op Kool-Aid and never looked back. I’ll never forget going to that regional meeting in Gatlinburg and falling in love with a group of people and an organization that has had a profound…


Where would you be without CCA?

By Nickie Sabo, CCA President

What if CCA didn’t exist? Where would you be? Would you have found another way to expand your cooperative knowledge, communication skills or leadership abilities? And who would you turn to when seeking answers only fellow cooperative communicators can answer? These are questions that have crossed my mind many times over the past few years. And the answer to that big question is…

Member Spotlight

Giving cotton growers a voice

Ask John Johnson how he landed his longtime position with Plains Cotton Cooperative Association (PCCA), and the answer is simple: He went home. “While working at Funk Seeds in Bloomington, Illinois, I read a magazine story about a friend of mine in Lubbock and called him to offer congratulations and catch up,” the CCA member explained. “During our conversation, he said I should return to Lubbock, and knew of a job I might be interested in at…