Master Cooperative Communicators Program

MCC recipients for 2017 are, front, from left, Savannah Chandler, Kelly Hester; Second row, Donna Abernathy, Mark Bagby, Karen Jones, Terry Stevenson, Chandra Allen, Candace Croft and Chellie Phillips. Photo by Guy Gregory.

The Master Cooperative Communicator (MCC) Program, open to all cooperative communicators including freelancers, signifies an individual’s level of professionalism and competency. Candidates meeting all the requirements of the program earn the designation of a Master Cooperative Communicator. The MCC certificate demonstrates that you have mastered the knowledge and skills necessary to communicate on behalf of cooperatives. MCC also rewards professional involvement and volunteer activities. The designation can lead to increased responsibility and enhance your promotion prospects.

Earning your MCC is not as daunting as you think. Outlined below are the eligibility requirements, supporting documents and the steps to submit all materials.

Eligibility criteria

  • You must be currently performing communications work for a cooperative organization.
  • You must have three years’ experience as a communicator or one year of experience plus a bachelor’s degree. (One year of experience must be in cooperative communications.)
  • The Master Cooperative Communicator designation is awarded to people who have earned a total of 100 points in various areas, which are earned by a combination of continuing education through seminars, workshops and credit courses, service to CCA, awards and a portfolio.
  • The program fee for CCA members is $150.00 for the initial designation and $50.00 for renewal every two years. The program fee for non-CCA members is $250.00 for the initial designation and $100.00 for renewal every two years.
  • You must adhere to the CCA Cooperative Communicator Statement of Ethics.

Important application information

When saving documents, please save document with title and your name (Ex. EthicsJDoe, ApplicationJDoe, LetterJDoe). But to not exceed 20 characters.

  • MCC Application – Includes current and previous employer information, education information, and statement of applicant and a points summary page. (The points page is used to tabulate your points to make sure you meet the 100-point minimum. If you do not have any “Service to CCA Additional Points,” you may include additional Body of Knowledge items to make up the remaining 20 points once the requirement points have been met.)
  • CCA Cooperative Communicator Statement of Ethics – Please sign and save document.
  • Body of Knowledge packet (minimum 60 points) – Includes course/award information received throughout six categories (along with supporting documents): Knowledge of Cooperatives, Industry Knowledge, Technical Communications, Publications & Writing, Projects, and Planning & Programs. (Supporting documents include proof of attendance certificate, proof of registration, or similar documentation. For multi-session events where a brochure is used, documentation should clearly indicate specific sessions attended. CCA Communications Contest award: award include a sample of award entries or judges’ comments related to your winning entry.)
  • Work Sample Portfolio (minimum 20 Points) – Four samples of your work (each sample is worth 5 points.) Must include samples from two or more of the Body of Knowledge categories; Technical Communications, Publications & Writing, Projects and Planning & Programs. Be sure to complete the Work Sample Portfolio page for each entry.
  • Letter of Recommendation – Include a letter from a supervisor, co-worker, client or fellow CCA member who has worked with you professionally and can attest to your qualifications for the MCC designation.
  • Service to CCA – Earn additional points for your dedication and service to CCA. (Can be found on the Points Summary page of the application.)
  • Payment – Payment can be made online or by downloading and submitting the PDF payment form.

How to submit

  • Once you have completed the application and gathered the required documentation, email the business office at with your payment form. ($150.00 member; $250.00 non-member) by April 16th or October 16th (Only payment form needs to be sent initially).
  • Be prepared to submit all materials electronically. Upon receipt of payment you will be sent an invitation to a link to Dropbox to continue with upload of the application and all supporting documents. (The Dropbox link information will not be provided until payment is received.)
  • You will receive confirmation via email from once your Dropbox information has been received and throughout the process if there are any questions or concerns regarding your application. The CCA Business office will send additional email notification once your application has been approved (please allow one month from the deadline for review.)
  • Applications will not be processed until application, supporting materials and fees are received.

Note: All Master Cooperative Communicator certificates will be presented at the institute and the MCC’s recognized in the CCA Newsletter (summer or winter depending on the application deadline submitted). Applicants submitting materials for the October deadline will be recognized at the following year’s CCA Institute, your MCC designation will start the year in which you submit your application.

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