Strategic Communication Planning: Be Your Co-op’s Most Valuable Player

Tuesday, May 1 at 11 a.m. Eastern
(10 a.m. Central; 9 a.m. Mountain; 8 a.m. Pacific)
Registration Deadline: April 24

Webinar participants will earn 5 points in the Planning and Programs category for MCC designation or renewal.

Presenter: Lani Jordan, Principle, Lani Jordan Strategic Communications

Lani Jordan is a strategic communication consultant, speaker and author specializing in strategic and crisis communication. A former journalist, she spent three decades as the head corporate communicator for CHS, the nation’s leading farmer-owned cooperative. Jordan has been recognized for excellence in communication and leadership throughout her career. A former CCA board member and president, she was the first person in 60 years to receive both CCA’s Graznak and Klinefelter awards. She also is a four-time winner of CCA’s Writer of the Year award and has received numerous other communication awards, including recognition from the international Cicero Speechwriting competition.

What you’ll learn:

As communicators, we have the opportunity to make ourselves invaluable contributors to our co-op’s success. That, however, means shifting our mindsets from being order takers or simply telling engaging stories to aligning what we do to the organization’s overall business goals. Strategic communication planning can help our co-op’s build strong, successful future and demonstrate the value of investing in the communication team.

In this session, participants will learn:

  • The value of aligning communication to their cooperatives’ business goals for the organization and in positioning the communication team and its members as an integral part of the co-op’s success.
  • Practical tips for creating a strategic communication plan, working with leadership and measuring your success.
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