Navigating the CCA Website Members Area

There are a few places to log into your membership. Throughout the website, you will see Member Login in the right column:

CCA Member Login Box

The first time you log into the new CCA website, you use the email address CCA has on file as your Username and reset your password here, by clicking on Members Area link in the top navigation and using the Forgot Your Password link, or by clicking on the Lost Password link from the Member Login box in the sidebar.

Once you’ve reset your password, you can log in, change your password and make updates to your website account and profile. Your Username has been preassigned, and for future logins you can either use the assigned Username or your Email. Usernames cannot be changed.

If you click a page in the Members Area, which requires login for access, you will see this login page. Be sure to click on the checkbox next to “I’m not a robot”:

Members Area Login

Once you’re logged in, you will see your profile in the left column; check for changes or errors. You will see your name in the right column, followed by Edit Profile, My Account, and Logout links:

Member Profile Edit
If you need to change your profile information and/or add a profile picture (200×200 pixels, upload or drag and drop, 2 MB limit), click the Edit Profile link in the right column, edit your profile, and Save when you finish:

Member Profile Picture

1) Click the My Account link to make changes to your name and/or email address:

Member Account

2) Click the * to change your password.

Member Profile Password


3) Click the padlock to hide your directory profile (remember, only members can view your profile):

Member Directory Profile Privacy


To view your profile and others, and to search profiles based on a number of variables, click Member Directory on the right or from the pull-down menu under Members Area:

Member Directory Search


In this instance, we’ve chosen to search for and view all members in GA:

Member Directory Search Returns
When you’re done using the site, you can log out from the right column or from the Members Area pull-down menu.